The longest sandy beach of Lake Balaton was created in Fonyód, says. 

The investment was originally planned to last summer, but because of the liceneses it slipped to this year. The project which costed HUF 345 Million and was supported by the EU, was handed over two weeks ago. The former 133m -long paved shore was removed and the beach was filled with sand 6-8 meters wide. Because of wave protection three small island were built in front of the beach, which can be used as sunbathing place.

According to, not only the beach was renovated but the number of the parking lots increased, alleys, dressing rooms fountains and a water stage was also established. There will be three playground as well, one of them will be a water adventure playground.

According to the plans, the beach will remain free, the city would maintain it from parking fees. Gábor Halmos, CEO of Balaton Shipping Co. said that this environment friendly and landscape-fitting beach is intented to be a reference work, says

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  1. This is very good for tourists,british love this ,but it would be lovley if the balaton airport ,opend up for flights to england ,again .as im english but live here now ,we have lots visitors from england but its a 5hrs round trip to fetch them from budapest ,what a shame it was doing flights in2008 when we moved here,also we go to balaton brits meeting once a month in pike resterant in balatonszentgorgy there ,are lots of uk people who live here ,who would love to see the flights ,back to uk, and it would bring more uk tourists to this beautifull lovley country and hungarian people .

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