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Beating the former record-holder Kálmán Tisza, on the 30th of November, Viktor Orbán became the longest-serving prime minister of Hungary with 14 years and 145 days.

Hungarian politicians commemorated the event and congratulated the fact on their social media platforms that Viktor Orbán is now the longest-serving prime minister of Hungary, Magyar Hírlap informed.

“14 years and 145 days. Historical times, historical results, and historical perspectives. From yesterday, Viktor Orbán is the longest-serving Hungarian prime minister,” wrote Judit Varga, Hungarian Minister of Justice, on Monday.

Tamás Deutsch, Member of the European Parliament from Fidesz, wrote: “It is a historical moment: Viktor Orbán is the longest-serving – 5,262 days – prime minister of free Hungary. Congratulations, my friend! That’s it!”

Kálmán Tisza was the record-holder among the longest-serving prime ministers in Hungary, with 14 years and 144 days, but on the 30th of November, Orbán beat the record as he reached 14 years and 15 days. He was leading the country for 4 years between 1998 and 2002 and has been in power since 2010 again. The third person on the current list of the longest-serving Hungarian ministers is György Lázár with 12 years during the Communist Kádár regime, and the fourth one is Count István Bethlen who led the country for 10 years after it was torn apart by the Treaty of Trianon.

According to Magyar Hírlap, this symbolic number has great significance in politics because it is more important to the public than, for example, financial data or statistics concerning the time of a prime minister’s serving. It is important because Orbán is here, in power in the present and not the past.

What made Tisza and Orbán successful?

  • Both of them were elected during times of crisis, which the previous cabinets could not solve, resulting in the public losing trust in power.
  • They could handle and overcome critical times.
  • There was no other political actor with a genuine alternative vision.
  • They created a political structure that institutionally helped them to stay in power.

Discipline is also crucial to make the economic and social vision a reality and therefore visible to the public. Political scientists mostly agree that Orbán’s party, Fidesz, is the most disciplined Hungarian party.

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Source: Magyar Hírlap

  1. The contributions of Tisza were great, but let’s not forget that its magyarization policies lay the foundations of resentment which eventually ended Trianon…

  2. Prime Minister – Congratulations.
    May you be Crowned the next King of Hungary, in a ceremonious occasion, befitting of your – Achievements, Guidance and Leadership, that has “piloted” Hungary, over the past (10 ) ten years, to be the vibrant growing developing opportunistic country – we are to-day.
    1989 – taking the podium in Heroes Square – you laid the seeds of your vision in your speech, of the re-birth of Hungary.
    Political life, your ideas and philosophies have had “challenges” – run out of petrol on occasions, but you have remained steadfast in your vision of Hungary – into the Future.
    Do enjoy that humungous celebratory cake that has no doubt been pre-pared rightfully for you, on this momentous occasion, but be sparing of the size you decide to take and enjoy.
    Must watch our waste lines at our age ///

  3. 14 years, 145 days, 250 kilograms of obesity and 90 % of the Hungarian media…
    About how much forint in his, his family’s, his friends’ pockets, that can not be written in one post: it is just too many zeros.

  4. At this rate it won’t be long before The Crown of St Stephen is renamed (by Decree, of course) The Crown of St Viktor.

  5. I wonder what Orbán thinks about the Jozsef Szajer scandal? A Fidesz MEP caught with his pants down at a gay orgy! You couldn’t make it up!

  6. Just saying, how dare you questioning the crystal-clear morality of yet another ” loving and devoted husband ” apostle-like Christian, anti-homosexuals Fidesz crusader? This of the gay orgy with 24 other men in a Brussels’ club where Orbán’s mate Szajer broke Covid rules ( and perhaps something else? ) used his status as MEP to avoid prosecution and perhaps took some pills of Extasy drug must be fake news from Soros’network! 🙂

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