ADN-ZB Kollektiv 15-6-71-ba Berlin: VIII. Parteitag der SED-In der Berliner Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle begann heute (15.6.) der VIII. Parteitag der SED. Unser Foto zeigt in der 1. Reihe des Präsidiums (v.l.n.r.) die Mitglieder des Politbüros des ZK der SED Alfred Neumann, Günter Mittag, den Generalsekretär des ZK der KPTsch, Gustav Husak den Ersten Dekretär des ZK der USAP, Janos Kadar, und das Mitglied des Präsidiums des ZK der Nationalen Befreiungsfront Südvietnams Nguyen Van Hieu.

She talked about what was working with the Janos Kadar, Secretary General of MSZMP (Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party) like. You can draw a lot of lessons of it, said.

Mrs. Ilona Granicz, who was once the maid of Janos Kadar, Secretary General of MSZMP in his Aliga summer house, said a few sentences to newspaper Bors. The article only reveals one important thing: the Kadar nostalgia still consumes Hungary.

Ilona said that she worked with her colleague, Iren in the holiday house for years. Kadar let them in the room every morning saying “come cuties”. They constantly filled up the fridge with salami, fruit and everything which were not very accessible. Kadar does not eat them; when they wanted to make something new for him, he insisted on potatoes with paprika and pickled cucumber.

Satin pants

The another important information revealed from the stories of Ilona is that Janos Kadar went to the beach and sailed in satin pants, he sent off his guards as well this time. He was very respectful with the maids, but his wife, Maria Tamaska, checked them more rigorously.

However, Bors wrote that Kadar was a dictator. Actually, they used the word tyrant, according to In the case of death of Nagy Imre and hundreds of other people’s lives, the blame falls on him. Nevertheless, the Kadar nostalgia is becoming stronger in Hungary, which is based on two pillars:

Kadar was an austere man; he did not steal like today’s politicians. He was like an ordinary man.
Maybe there was not a heck of lot freedom, but everyone had a job, livelihood.

The first statement is also included in the article of Bors, and contradictions almost burst the paper. He was an austere man who did not eat salami and bathed in satin pants, but there is written next to it that he had an own private bay in Aliga with bodyguards, and maids cleaned his villa. This austere man did not eat orange in 47 acres, while others could not even take it.

Great freedom

The consequences of the second statement are written by Attila Mong’s book called The credibility of Kadar the best. The economy policy of Kadar played a huge role that we are where. The responsibility of Kadar is bigger than of Medgyessy and Gyurcsany together. Everyone had a job so much that hidden employment irreparably destroyed huge state companies like MAV (Hungarian Railway Company) or the whole Hungarian healthcare.

The memory of comfortable living is enlarged by time, but it is worth noting private property was virtually non-existent in the previous regime.

It was the era of the vulnerable people who lived of the same wage until the end of their lives, who could not even decide on their fate if they wanted to. And if you did not like it, you could not go away. Not to mention that friendly relations played a much bigger role in politics and the economy than today.

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Photo: German Federal Archive/Wikimedia Commons


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