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A German man parked his car in a hotel’s underground park in Pécs and then left in a cab never to be seen again. Heti Világgazdaság reports that his parking fee has gone over 92 thousand euros by now.  

If you ever feel forgetful, just take a look at this unfortunate German man who forgot to pick up his car after he parked it in 2007 in Pécs. The car is still there, untouched, in the hotel’s underground car park.

The strange case has been looked into several times by the Hungarian media, the first time in 2012. At this point, the vehicle’s owner was ‘missing’ for five years. RTL Klub News interviewed the hotel’s owner, who commented that the car would not be moved as they have a contract in which they took responsibility for the security of the car. Funnily, the car’s owner bought a parking ticket valid for an hour.

Although strange and unusual, the years-long parking does not constitute a crime, so the police did not investigate further yet.

The hotel, however, decided to get to the end of this case and took the matter to the local jury. A conclusion was reached, stating that the owner has to pay the parking fee and on top of it, the interest rate too.

Getting the money from the owner will not be easy, as he was not present at the hearing and lives in Germany, and on top of this, his debt is ten times more than what the car is worth.

If he fails to pay his debt, the car will be put on auction, since the hotel owner has every right to do this.


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