As reports, tourists usually look for apartments on Airbnb’s webpage since it provides more affordable prices for staying a night or two in a given city than a hotel would. At the same time, some people look for uniqueness which they cannot find in a hotel room. Anyhow, among the advertised private apartments, you can see some that do not opt for being cheaper than a room in a luxurious hotel. collected the 10 most expensive Airbnb apartments, among which you can find more provincial villas, holiday-homes near Balaton, and modern apartments in the city centre.

Warning, the system may contain technical errors; therefore the prices might not be exact. One should always be suspicious, especially in the case of costs exceeding a million HUF.

10. Rózsadombi villa, Budapest

A 250 square metre house ranks 10th on the list. It is capable of housing 12 guests. It costs 650 euros per night (200000 HUF), about 52 euros per head (16000 HUF).


9. Essence studio apartment, Budapest Király utca

This condo is located in the party district of Budapest, which makes its price understandable. It is suitable for two people and costs 696 euros (215000 HUF) per night.


8. Széll Kálmán Castle Hotel, Rátót

This hotel can be found in Vas county.

It used to be the castle of Kálmán Széll, once a Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister of Hungary.

The lodge of 4 stars in Rátót is capable of housing 16 guests at once and costs 970 euros per night (300000 HUF). At the same time, those not willing to rent the whole castle can rent a two-person room for about 75 euros (23000 HUF) per night.


7. Luxury villa, Balatonlelle

A luxury villa near Lake Balaton ranks 7th place. At once, 14 people can stay here, for 1100 Euros (340000 HUF) per night. At the same time, this amount relates to less than 10 guests, if more people would like to stay here at the same time, the prices increases continually, reaching 1350 Euros (417000 HUF) per night. With this rate, the villa could step a few places ahead on our list. The dwelling of 1300 square metres is equipped with

more saunas, an indoor pool, cinema room, and rooms for billiard and fitness.

The host lives in the villa, too, so he overlooks the use and operation of the extras.


6. Prónay-kiskastély (castle), Alsópetény

A provincial small castle is on the 6th place of the list. It can be found in Alsópetény, Nógrád county. The suites of the villa are designed to host 10 people at once and cost 1132 Euros (350000 HUF) per night. The estate has a guesthouse, suitable for the reception of further guests. A bathhouse and a conference room were also constructed here so that it can give a home to more significant events, but the price mentioned above concerns the rent of the castle only.


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