wrote once about the breakfast of Frucola, now presents other interesting dishes.

There are all sorts of excellent materials in huge jars and you can choose which one you would like to eat. As a base, you can ask salads, but you can not count the number of the toppings: dozens of fresh vegetables, which are processed in some way, from raw carrot through cooked corn to dryed tomato. There is everything here: olives, grilled peppers filled with feta cheese, cucumbers.

After the vegetables, you can eat real food, several kind of cheese, sauce and meat can be chosen, from chicken to tuna, the last one is caught by traditional methods, allegedly, says. So you can choose a healthy menu relatively easily, but the blogger always messed it up because he ordered oily food.

According to the author of the article of, Fruccola means for him more calorie intake than eating at McDonalds. Besides that, they have amazing fresh juices and well-priceddaily menus too. The salads usually cost Ft 1500-1800.

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