Higher education has become rampant these days, and everyone is pushing their way to attain it. When it was purely provided by the government public institutions of higher learning, only a few made it to these institutions. However, these days, many people are finding their way there with the introduction of private institutions. Students with poor grades can get the education they want as long as they have money.

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With the help of career research paper professionals, many students have been able to find their way through the academic ladder and getting what they want. Throughout the process, there has been a compromise on the quality of education and the value pumped in academic circles. Education has been turned into a business, and as long as you can pay the hefty fees, there is little attention to what is being taught and learned.

Notable Effects of Higher Education Privatization

With the privatization of higher education, many students have found their way to colleges and universities. This is a blessing in disguise because there are more bad effects than good ones. Here is why:

  • The Focus is on Money and Not Education

Education is now being commercialized with these private institutions focusing on the amount of money they will make and not on the value they are adding to students. Therefore, the whole essence of learning lacks in most of these institutions due to the focus on money.

  • The Unqualified Can Now Graduate

As long as you have money, you can buy your way into higher education. At the end of it all, privatization of higher education has led to producing unqualified graduates who may not have a significant impact on their contribution to the corporate world.

  • Poor Students Cannot Afford it

In most cases, private institutions of higher education have produced a segmented society where the interests of the rich have been served. These private institutions come at hefty fees that can only be afforded by the wealthy in society. Any poor student desiring to follow that route will be disadvantaged due to a lack of fees.

  • Duplication of Courses and Resources

Many institutions have come up through privatization. This one of the problems of higher education since it has led to duplication of resources. At the end of the day, the quality of education will be compromised. The competition for students erodes the main reason for the establishment of these institutions.

  • Exploitation of Teachers

Remuneration for teachers in private institutions of higher learning does not match that of public institutions. This is mainly due to the heavy workload in the efforts to outshine others in the same industry. Teachers end up doing a lot of work which is not commensurate with the kind of compensation given to them.

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