The first new Emirates Boeing B777 runs according to schedule between Dubai and Budapest from 1 December 2015, replacing the old Airbuses, writes

The new plane has 3 different classes, more seats, and more inner space. In the first year after the Emirates has established its Dubai-Budapest air route, 150.000 people chose to fly with them. The planes were constantly 80% full in the past 12 month as it takes only 5 hours to go from Budapest to Dubai, using the airline’s new service.

Thierry Aucoc, vice president for the European and Russian services said that the airline is glad about the success of their new route. Emirates is committed to the Hungarian market, and they were able to react to the market’s demand incredibly fast because they possess the biggest and youngest Boeing B777 fleet in the world.

The new Boeing B777 has three classes and 364 seats altogether. The number of seats has grown from 251 to 310 in the Economy class, it became more comfortable, and developed more leg space. There are 42 luxury seats in the Business class instead of 27, and there are 12 seats in the First class for those who need exclusive services.

The airline’s award winning multilingual ice entertainment system has improved as well, and now has 750 channels, blockbusters, music compositions, and many games.

The new plane has a much bigger cargo bay as well, aiding the local enterprises’ export activity, Gábor Horváth, the Emirates’ Hungarian manager said. “In its first year, Emirates transported 3700 ton of goods on the Dubai-Budapest route, pharmaceutical-and electronic products most of it. The B777 is a great step regarding SkyCargo, as it’s able to carry more goods, thus satisfying the demands” Horváth added.

Emirates did not only purchase new planes, but expanded their customer service in Hungary as well. The company currently employs 120 people at its headquarters, and they are planning to recruit 180 more workers until March 2016.

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