Mih√°ly Munk√°csy, painting
Mih√°cs Munk√°csy: Settlement of the Magyars in Hungary / wikicommons byHello world/

In the center of the Carpathian Basin, there exists a people whose language and culture have no affinity with other nations. The Hungarians. But who are they exactly? Where do they come from? The highly debatable topic has been on the agenda of researchers for quite a while. The studies of the archaeogeneticists of the Institute of Hungarian Research claim they can end this debate.

The study of Endre Nepar√°czki PhD, head of the Department of Archaeogenetics, Institute of Hungarian Research is available HERE.

The Institute was set up by the Hungarian government in 2019, with the goal of specialising in the research of Hungarian history and the development of tourism and education.

Historical research at the institute focuses on the era preceding the 9th-century Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin, the origin of the Hungarian people, the Hungarian conquest itself and medieval Hungary.

The institute also focuses on the study of the internal structure of the Hungarian language, its peculiarities and its connections to Hungarian culture as a whole.

Hungarian village
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Source: Institute of Hungarian Research

  1. The ending of the first sentence makes no sense at all. Both the language and the culture of Hungarian people have affinities with other peoples, the former with Fins, Estonians and other peoples of Uralic origin, the latter partly with the culture of some peoples of the steppes, partly with the culture of other Mitteleuropean “nations” Hungarians have largely assimilated during hundreds of years.
    Please, stop it with this nonsense of the ” unicity of the Hungarians” which has no base, no proof and that Orb√°n regime is pushing forward solely out of fanatical nationalism. Donot contrubite to the spreading of ignorance and fake history.

  2. We have been brought up to love our country above all for centuries.
    We are also proud of our culture and the fact that an enormous number of Hungarians have contributed
    on many levels.
    It just shows how disrespectful some people are.
    I suggest a visit to the psychiatrist.

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