Handcuffs Bilincs Criminal Bűnöző

Along with the two manufacturers, they also caught three buyers, as well as the dealers’ distributor.

Employees of the National Investigation Bureau detected that 40-year-old Norbert D. — who has been in the range of the authorities for drug cases before — and his partner, 38-year-old Károly P. have been buying drugs in Budapest for years, which they then portion and sell in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, reports HVG.

Police officers found out that the two men were going to Budapest again, on May 11, to buy amphetamine, so they planned a synchronized operation to catch them.

The two men drove to an apartment complex in the 9th district, where Károly P. went in for a few minutes, then drove back with Norbert D. to his Miskolc home. they separated ways there. Police took measures against Károly P. a few minutes later and found amphetamine when searching his car.

Meanwhile, another unit followed Norbert D. After selling drugs to three people, detectives arrested Norbert D. along with his customers. 16 small packages of amphetamine emerged from the pocket of his pants.

Detectives searched the homes of the dealers, where they discovered speed, marijuana and other evidence. Throughout the operation they confiscated about 200 grams of amphetamine and 10 grams of marijuana.

Investigators of the National Investigation Bureau also identified the man, whom Norbert D. and Károly P. got the drugs from in the 9th district. Gergely B. — a 37-year-old resident of Budapest — was arrested on May 12. Police found substance, suspected of being drugs, in his home.

The three customers were questioned as suspects of drug possession, while Norbert D., Károly P. and Gergely B. were investigated on charges of drug trafficking. Police put them into custody and submitted a proposal to arrest them.

Source: hvg.hu

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