The renovated medieval fortress was handed over at Hollókő. After a year long renovation, the fortress is open from last Thursday.

They have renovated the 700 year-old tower of the fortress, the 13th century kitchen, the dining room, the lord of the monor’s residency and the lower fortress where they have restored the 16th century economic buildings. With flag officers, gallants and with authentic music, they have evoked the medieval times for the celebration. The mayor, Szabó Csaba (Fidesz – KDNP) said at the celebration: ’They used to say that the fortress at Hollókő is only a rocky look-out point without being covered and the panoramic view is more beautiful than the fortress. We have made amendments to change that.’

Becsó Zsolt (Fidesz), the region parliamentary representative recalled that there was a dispute after the change of regime about whether there could be a touristic development at Nógrád. He said that the breakthrough has happened after 2010 because the county has been highly noticed by the government. While the renovation foundings were 2,5 billion forints until 2010, after that the sources have been increased to 10 billion forints which are to spend to the touristic developments at Nógrád county.

He also mentioned that Hollókő is the most visited touristic point in the county; it attracts more then 100 thousand visitors per year.

Berecz Mátyás , the director of the Dobó István War Museum at Eger, highlighted at the celebration that there is a reason to be authentically faithful and to restore the original atmosphere.

It cannot be expected from the visitors to find out what was the purpose of the ruins, and what were the rusty pieces of iron. Furthermore, to preserve the ruins would be very expensive; it is more cheaper and reasonable to restore the monuments and fill them up with attractions – he added.

The expert from Eger said that he expect another 700 years for the fortress at Hollókő.

At the moment when they had handed over the keys of the fortress, the drums had been played at the yard of the fortress, then, since the opening of the fortress in 1966, a cannon was used.

At the celebration, the Society of Saint László’s Gallants were introduced the medieval tournament at the palace; the Pavane Historical Dance Group has presented some medieval and court dances and the music has been played by the Bourdon Group.

The renovation which costs almost 2 billion forints lasts until October. At Hollókő they make some touristic developments which based on the local traditions, in which the fortress is also being renovated. With multimedia devices, visitors can see how the fortress was being built on a 3-D film. This could bee seen on the previous week-end, too; because after the closure of the fortress in the last summer, for the handing over and the re-opening, Hollókő’s local government organized open Sundays on the 9th and 10th of May.

based on article of MTI
translated by Andrea Tóth

Photo: MTI

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