Summer heat rules the Hungarian weather these days although sometimes a little rain and cold wind may interrupt. Besides all the famous Hungarian thermal baths, swimming pools and wellness spots where most Hungarians and tourists spend their time to beat the heat, there are some locations in Budapest with vivid nightlife where you can go.

budapest danube beach
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The famous boat on the Buda side of the city on River Danube is the place for cool concerts and events. Still, if neither one is on the place’s schedule (especially these days), you can also enter to drink a nice glass of wine or cocktails while enjoying the cool air on the boat and the beautiful view of the city.

A38 Boat, Budapest, Hungary

Akvárium Terrace

Located in Deák Ferenc Square (metro line M1, M2 and M3) this place not only holds concerts but has an enormous open “terrace” beneath the ground with bars, music and several tables where you can spend some time with your friends.

Akvárium, Budapest, Hungary


Located on Margaret Island, as one of the most popular locations during the summer season in Budapest, this is considered to be the new party district of Budapest with wine, cocktails, fine food and music. Besides all the entertainment, Margaret Island is also one of the best running tracks in the city.

BRKLYN, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Park

Usually, this open concert field of the city hosts concerts featuring international artists and the famous NECC Party of Budapest with music from the 1990s and 2000s. As no concerts can be held due to the coronavirus epidemic, the park has been rearranged to an open terrace with bars.

Budapest Park, Budapest, Hungary


On the Pest side next to the iconic Chain Bridge of the capital, this place is famous for its city view and for being one of the most well-known factors of Budapest’s nightlife. The site is usually full of people enjoying the music of international DJs and Hungarian bands.

PONTOON, Budapest, Hungary

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Besides its spectacular tourist attractions, Budapest has several hidden places from where you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Hungarian capital. If you would like to discover all parts of the city, do not miss the best lookout points of Budapest.


Source: Daily News Hungary

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