More than 4 million people have seen the video that captures the night parties at Lukács Baths and the Széchenyi Thermal Bath after it was posted on Business Insider’s Facebook page, writes

These events, which are part of the SPArty event chain, do not only promote night parties but the Hungarian bathing culture as well. Business Insider wrote that it’s no coincidence that Budapest is “the city of baths,” and the SPArties are unique events.

The SPArty event chain is one of the most visited programmes in Budapest; it’s been 17 years that the first party was organized, and around 50 000 people participate in the parties every year. There are SPArties at the Lukács Baths and the Széchenyi Thermal Bath on almost every weekend and guest have the chance to enjoy the excellent thermal waters, the atmosphere of the walls that are hundreds of years old, and electronic dance music.


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  1. It is disgusting, I wish tourists who come to visit Budapest would spend their time pursuing activities which don’t include pissing and drinking in our precious and unique healing water. It is such a shame, that the organizers allow this to happen just for sheer profit-making and degrade these national treasures. Intelligent tourists out there, please boycott this mindless, stupid event!

  2. krisztina why is it disgusting people having fun? what are you a 100? cheer up! and it’s not like locals couldnt piss in the waters….I’d be more worried about ancient old people tbh. why is it a bad thing to have fun and enjoy water and music..

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