Metro line 4, which connects Keleti railway station and Kelenföld, was supposed to be just a part of a longer line to Bosnyák Square and Újpalota according to the original plans. This indicates that housing estates in the area were not randomly erected. Transportation plans were also included first, but not always built. The line could have been continued in the other direction to Madárhegy, but Budaörs as a final stop was rather an unlikely concept. Nevertheless, the general manager cabinet planned to realise it back in 2009, reports.

Dávid Vitézy, the general manager of BKK mentioned four urgent expansions a couple of years ago to be realised until 2020, three of which were metro projects.

One of them was the continuation of M1. Since its metro vehicles are more than 40 years old, it would be appropriate to think about a simultaneous vehicle replacement. According to the current concept, the line would be lengthened to Zugló, but there are no plans for construction available at the moment. Some campaign promises included the elongation of Metro line 1 in the other direction, too.

According to, another important expansion contains connecting HÉV 8 and 9 of Gödöllő with M2, basically an elongation of M2 to Gödöllő. This connection would be so neccessary that it is incomprehensible why it has not been realised earlier. Puskás Ferenc Stadium has four lanes because HÉV was supposed to end there, with the passengers changing vehicles easily. A further thought is that if the two were connected, they would not even have to change.

The third idea was the metro project of M5 or at least a part of it. Metro line 5 would connect HÉV 5 (Szentendre), 7 (Csepel) and maybe 6 (Ráckeve). The first construction to 2020 would concern the southern part, since the vehicles of Csepel are nearly 50 years old and they should be replaced. The two HÉV would possibly meet on the surface in the area of the National Theatre, go under on Boráros and carry passengers to Astoria from the southern part of Budapest. The tunnel would reach Margaret Island, but the outlook of the exact line is yet unclear. said, some have dreamt of underground circles, some would connect Déli, Keleti and Nyugati railway stations. We should appreciate M4 for now because we will not be able to travel on a new line within 10 years.

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