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Travelo.hu listed the top destinations in Hungary this November, so take your coats on and explore the countryside – it has a lot to offer!

7107115_c3c374e9f4633148278641a812079a8a_wmAutumn novelties at Lake Balaton
The Kis-Balaton, this huge wetland is unique in Europe, it is a marvellous place filled with secrets. A newly opened, wooden look-out tower at Kányavár Isle awaits hikers who would like to peek into Balaton’s fauna. Cyclists and the physically disabled can also explore the beauty of the lake in autumn colours, as there are newly established parking spaces for bicycles, and tracks accessible for the disabled as well.

Pork sausages on András Day
According to the Hungarian tradition, Disznóvágás (translates to ”pig-killing”) season starts on the 30th of November. This custom, still practiced in the Hungarian countryside, means the killing and processing of the fattened swine, the outcome of which is the delicious and popular pork sausage, kolbász and other pork meat. The process of preparing the meat products and stocking them in the chamber or at the attic had to be done in cold weather, as it enables the meat to preserve its taste and last longer.

A feast used to accompany disznóvágás, where members of the family and friends were served freash pork dishes, and places like Gedeon Tanya in Bugac, or Árpád Pálinkatanya in Békéscsaba revive this tradition. Gedeon Tanya invites visitors for a feast two or three times in the winter, and offers traditional games, carriage riding with Hungarian Grey cattle or even sleddig on a horse-drawn sledge. Of course, hosts offer pálinka and mulled wine as well, the necessary props of disznóvágás. Árpád Pálinkatanya puts emphasis on these beveareges, after a few shots, visitors may feel like taking part in the killing of the pig, in the singeing, or in the sausage loading process. The price of one occasion at Árpád Pálinkatanya includes tasting freshly prepared pork dishes and unrestricted drinking of pálinka, mulled wine and hot tea. If you feel the need to try something traditionally Hungarian, and you are tired of preservative-filled sausages and salami, disznóvágás is the feast for you!

Tisza zoom Nature Photography Conference
Fans and practicioners of nature photography should not miss TiszaZoom Conference, held near Lake Tisza, from the 14th until the 16th of November. Photographers show their skills in practice and capture the beauty of the river in winter level.

On November 14, participants may try ”winter boating”, where they will be shown the most stunning places, definitely worth snapping a few pictures. After exploring Lake Tisza and its wildlife, the hosts of the conference invite photographers to a dinner at Hotel Balneum, where experienced photographers and talented young members of the profession exchange their experiences and show their best photos to the audience. The closing programme is a goose-watch, starting at dawn, on the 16th of November. If you are interested, take a closer look on the schedule, check the website of the conference: http://tiszazoom.webnode.hu/i-tiszazoom/regisztracio/.

based on article of travelo.hu 
translated by Laura Kocsis

Photo: http://itthonadelalfoldon.blog.hu/, MT Zrt.

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