Főzelék is a traditional Hungarian meal usually made from vegetables. These dishes are loved by many Hungarians, and they are very popular to make at home or order at restaurants. An interesting fact is that the name ‘főzelék’ is not translated into English; the name refers to the consistency of the food. There are many főzeléks to choose from, although there are some which are instant favourites of Hungarians.

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Magyarországom collected the most popular főzelék types, and Daily News Hungary would like to freshen up their recipes, allowing you to make them at home and gift yourselves with a delicious experience. 

Pea főzelék

The classic type of főzelék is this one served with sausages, eggs, and meatloaf. This is also the most common főzelék served at schools and kindergartens – surprisingly, it is many children’s favourite dish. 


Squash főzelék

This might be the most controversial főzelék in Hungarian gastronomy as many people love it, but many simply cannot even stand the sight of it. Those who love it and have tried it know, however, that it is as tasty as any other popular főzelék.

Potato főzelék

The creamy potato főzelék is the most liked főzelék type among all. It can be made quickly without many ingredients, and with meatloaves, it is the most delicious experience you have ever had. The potato főzelék is also children’s favourite as potato is a child-friendly vegetable. 


Bean főzelék

It is also a popular főzelék, although this kind of vegetable can cause some inconveniences, such as tympany. The secret step to avoiding it is that the beans need to be put in water one day before the actual cooking. 

Cabbage with tomato sauce

Mixing tomato with cabbage is the best option if we would like our children to eat this type of főzelék. Its texture and sweetness make the mostly disliked cabbage immediately loveable; no wonder that schools and kindergartens love to serve this főzelék many times.

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  1. There is a word in use in english (derived from French) for this type of dish: Potage.

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