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The Hungarian Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC) took part in 14 international exhibitions, where Hungarian producers could introduce their products including hungaricums as well, with the help of the significant financial contribution by the organisation.

Szent István Univesity held the International Conference on Food Science and Technology for the 3rd time, where Péter Ondré, managing director of AMC, talked about the results of the exhibitions, reports Origo. As it turned out, when it comes to Hungarian products, foreigners are interested in hungaricums the most,

The two days long international symposium was organised in the topic of hungaricums, where the AMC announced that 44 exhibitors took part in AMC’s exhibitions abroad who presented hungaricums.

As a result, 24 hungaricums from the field of agriculture were shown at the different exhibitions abroad. The Hungarian grey cattle, shepherd and hunter dog breeds, Camille from the great Hungarian plain and the onion of Makó were only presented through pictures and videos.

30% of the Hungarian exhibitors sold hungaricums at their stands: the most popular hungaricum was the Tokaji Aszú of Béres Winery, while the most frequently sold products were Hungarian honey, Tokaji Aszú and pálinka,

said Péter Ondré. The most significant exhibition this year was Foodex in Tokyo; producers introduced 8 kinds of hungaricums at the stands of AMC.

According to their plans for 2019, the community stand of AMC will be present at 12-15 international agricultural and food exhibitions. The organisation contributes to the travelling of some Hungarian processors and producers if they meet certain requirements, thus, they could target their export market.

Did you know Hungary has a hungaricum for Christmas time as well? Learn more about the “szaloncukor” here.

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