In the poorest regions of Hungary, citizens earn approximately 1,900 EUR/year, especially in the areas of North-Hungary, which is still the poorest and most problematic region of the country economically and regarding its society and healthcare system. On the other hand, there are some areas in Hungary which are considered to be the wealthiest ones.

Pénzcentrum reported that many statistics cause concern about the polarisation among the members of Hungarian society. While some individuals earn enough money to put food on the table, six or seven Hungarians out of ten still struggle to earn a living. Geographically, the map of Hungary represents the regions’ financial status. Central Hungarian ones like Pest County or the North Great Plain are still among the best regions, but North-Hungary is still the poorest without any progress.

In the wealthiest regions and cities, the average Hungarian salary is twice as much as the regular one.

No wonder that the unemployment rate is the lowest in the wealthiest regions as a good salary motivates people not to move to another county or region but to settle down for a lifetime. Meanwhile, Hungarian residents of the poorest regions are eager to find jobs and real estates in the wealthiest parts of Hungary in the faith of a better life opportunity. As they leave the Northern parts of the country, the unemployment rate skyrockets.

The wealthiest region is Budakeszi, where the average salary of a Hungarian citizen is around 4,320 EUR/year. In the region of Dunakeszi, it is 4,300 EUR/year, while in the region of Győr, it is 3,970 EUR/year. Székesfehérvár, Érd, Mór, Paks, and Gödöllő are also amongst the wealthiest parts of Hungary. 

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  1. In the USA, one would be living in the streets and starving if they only earned what the wealthiest Hungarian citizens earn. I visited Hungary a couple of times in the last few years and even small towns are jam packed with nice cars, and my relatives in Hungary seem to be doing pretty well. There has to be something wrong with those figures in your article. How can you even use the term” wealthiest” if one earns only 4,300 EUR/year. Destitute would be a more fitting term.

  2. I agree with Frank
    The figures quoted look wrong even in Ukraine the average salary is € 340 per month, even higher in Kyiv and Ukrainians like to work in HU as wages are higher, so the wealthiest region of HU only earning € 360 per month looks wrong. Even based on what I have to pay clerical staff in Budapest it cannot be correct

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