Almásy kastély castle Gyula
Photo: Wiki Commons by Erkelferencmuzeum

Do you like luxury, elegance, history, and fairy tales? collected these eleven castles you have to visit.

Festetics Castle

Keszthely, Zala County

Being one of the most fabulous castles in Hungary, Festetics Castle comes to many people’s mind when they think about Hungary. The Festetics Family was one of the most wealthy family in their time. Their library, the Helikon Library contains about 80,000 books. Furthermore, the castle has an exhibition about the baronial life, a palm house, as well as a coach and a hunting exhibition.

Keszthely kastély castle Festetics

Grassalkovich Castle

Gödöllő, Pest County

This charming castle has a breathtaking interior and a well-maintained park. Furthermore, if you are searching for entertainment, you can attend concerts, or watch operettas and theatre plays.

Grassalkovics kastély castle Gödöllő

Esterházy Castle

Fertőd, Győr-Moson-Sopron County

This castle is famous not only because of its beauty but also the fact that Joseph Haydn himself lived here. During the Spring Festivals, there are classical music concerts. Additionally, visitors can admire the exhibition introducing the baroque theatre.

Eszterházy castle Fertőd
Photo: Wiki Commons by Szvitek Péter

Schossberger Castle

Tura, Pest County

Unfortunately, this castle was closed in the fall of 2016 due to renovation, and there is no information about the reopening dates yet. However, you should still take a look at the building from the outside if you happen to be around. The castle is called the “Little Sibling of the Opera House” because of its neo-Renaissance style.

Schossberger castle kastély Tura
Photo: Wiki Commons by CivertanS

Wenckheim Castle

Szabadkígyós, Békés County

Miklós Ybl designed this fantastic neo-Renaissance building for Krisztina Wenckheim, the customer. According to her unusual request, the castle has as many windows as there are days in a year, as many rooms as there are weeks in a year, and as many entrances, as there are seasons in a year. There are also bedrooms, dining rooms, a winter garden, a library, a chapel, a lady’s music saloon, and a gentlemen’s saloon as well.

Wenckheim castle kastély Szabadkígyós
Photo: Wiki Commons by Laszlo Kulisics

Nádasdy Castle

Nádasladány, Fejér County

This lovely castle has a romantic story. When Ferenc Nádasdy married Ilona Zichy, they started planning their life together. They wanted to build the castle, but in the meantime, Ilona passed away. However, Miklós finished the castle as a tribute to their love and never married another woman in his life.

Nádasdy castle kastély Nádasladány

Károlyi Castle

Füzérradvány, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County

This is the castle you have to visit if you like admiring not only the spectacular building but also its beautiful garden. There, you can spend hours walking, having a picnic on the shore of the small stream or in the shadow of the giant platan trees. In case you have time, visit the Castle of Füzér as well. There, one can see the interactive exhibition about the everyday life in the middle ages in the castle.

Károlyi Castle kastély Füzérradvány
Photo: Wiki Commons by RHerczeg

Andrássy Castle

Tiszadob, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County

This castle indeed looks like Disney castle and to have a real fairytale experience; visitors can also enjoy the boxwood labyrinth. Numerology played an important role in designing the castle because it has 4 entrances, 12 towers, 52 rooms, and 365 windows.

Andrássy castle kastély Tiszadob
Photo: Wiki Commons by Mmaminti

Festetics Castle

Dég, Fejér County

There are many legends in connection with this castle. According to one of them, it was the secret centre of the Freemasonry. It is a must for Kincsem lovers since many scenes were caught on camera here. The building’s frontage looks like the Hungarian National Museums’ because Mihány Pollack designed both of them. It has a mesmerising garden and an island in the middle of a pond.

Dég Festetics kastély castle
Photo: Wiki Commons by Tóth-Piusz István

L’Huillier-Coburg Castle

Edelény, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County

This castle has had many functions before. It functioned as a prison, but even chickens lived here. Luckily, it got renovated after a new owner could finally appreciate its beauty. Since then,  visitors can admire the gorgeous Baroque castle.

L'Huillier-Coburg castle kastély Edelény
Photo: Wiki Commons by MilanPataky

Almásy Castle

Gyula, Békés County

This castle has a fantastic interactive exhibition about life at those times when the castle was full of life. It is worth joining a guided tour where one can find out more about those times and the secrets of the castle. Visitors have the opportunity to smell perfumes, see which dresses would have fitted them the best with the help of a magic mirror, and can play on the piano on which Ferenc Liszt performed according to the legends.

Almásy kastély castle Gyula
Photo: Wiki Commons by Erkelferencmuzeum

Featured image: Wiki Commons by Erkelferencmuzeum


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