The third Highlights of Hungary, organized by the Super Channel, was recently held in the Toldi Klub, wrote. Out of the 53 projects the curators chose 10 was actually chosen by the viewers: thousands of people have cast their votes. Thanks to Forbes, Instyle, the Municipality of Budapest, and the BVA Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit Ltd., three special awards were given.

All the projects are exceptional: the Kreinbacher Estate, which finished 10th place, is the ideal combination of the Hungarian gastronomy and design; visitors are welcome to enjoy the vineyard’s best wines in a unique and relaxing environment. The Maacraft, which got 9th place, is equally unique: a workshop was created by the Miskolc Autism Foundation (Miskolci Autista Alapítvány) for designers and young autists to work together on great projects to prove that autists have creativity as well, and are capable of making extraordinary objects.

The eighth place was awarded to Péter Gárdos for his successful novel Hajnali Láz (Fever at Dawn), which tells the tragic love story of Gárdos’ parents (Gárdos also made a movie out of the novel). Seventh place was taken by the Bánkitó Festival, which proves that you don’t need millions of Forints to organize a great cultural festival in the summer.

The next (sixth) place was given to the Autizmusbarát Kakaókoncert (Autism-friendly Cocoa concert), which is a music initiative and aims to create an atmosphere where children with autism, their siblings, and their parents can all have a good time.

Fifth place was also taken by a music project, the Midnight Music. The goal of the concert venue, which starts half an hour before midnight, is to bring classical music closer to young people. The Kéktúra pecsételődobozok (Blue Trail Stamp Boxes), which finished fourth place, gives an opportunity for nature-lovers to gather all the different stamps while going through Hungary’s most popular hiking trail named the “Blue trail.”

Third place was awarded to the Nagy DIY könyv (The big DIY book), which is one of the most beautiful printed books of 2015, the Bible of the Hungarian “Do It Yourself” movement, and contains interior design tips from 21 Hungarian bloggers. The MagikMe project, which got second place, created a seesaw named Butterfly, which disabled kids can use too. The project was founded by parents and it has already caught UNICEF’s eyes as well.

And the best creative project of 2015? First place was given to the EggMap project. The EggMap was created by Dénes Sátor and Tamás Sátor. You can hold this peculiar egg in the palm of your hands; it’s a digital offline map, and it’s also weather resistant.

InStyle magazine’s Special Award was given to the Perceptual Thinkers project, which draws attention (with the help of fashion) to the unique way people with autism think; the Forbes magazine’s Special Award was received by the 45+ Vállalkozói Program (45+ Entrepreneur Programme) which helps people to start a new career, and the BVA Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit Ltd.’s Special Award was given to the Így Dolgozunk Mi (That’s How We Work) project, which gives life advices to high school students.

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