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According to ripost.hu, the police published its call in four languages, including Arabic. Prominently, the photos were taken at the Roszke confrontations on Wednesday.

The police published a call in Hungarian, English, German and Arabic, according to which they are looking for the persons in the photos. The photos can be taken on Wednesday at the Roszke clashes and they obviously show the persons whom Viktor Orban spoke in the program of Kossuth Radio called 180 minutes on Friday morning.

“We know who organized the attack against the Hungarian State from Serbian territory, which they controlled by loudspeaker in English and Serbian language” – the Prime Minister said.

The Standby Police are looking for them:


terrorist suspect2

terrorist suspect5

based on the article of ripost.hu
translated by BA

Photo: http://police.hu

Source: http://ripost.hu

  1. Brave Hungarian people!!! Keep going. Fuck the western europe integration bullshit. We, polish people support you and will fight together with you against Islamist like Sobieski 300 years ago saved Europe with others countries from Islamisation

  2. The man in picture four with the megaphone and big red bag was arrested last wednesday bij TEK-policemen. I am very sure I saw a picture of him, being arrested on the scene at Roszke.

  3. Some may not like Orban but he is the only leader defending his country and people. This is an invasion to destroy the culture of every European country and replace it with theirs. Germany should be held responsible for creating this situation.

  4. Southern and Central Europe have to unite and not fight amongst one another to stop this scourge. Western Europe is washing their hands of this mess and will not help one bit. Like Lukasz wrote, it’s another muslim invasion that must be stopped at Europe’s border.

  5. KUDDOS to Hungary and Orban. We Polish people are very proud of you and what you do to safe your country and Central Europe. Keep protecting us. Show the west how to be a politician with the spine.

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