According to, the Parliamentary Guard, which was formed 2 and a half years ago, has never used a weapon in defense of the Parliament. The Tasers purchased for HUF 10 million couldn’t be used in the Chamber, because only physical force is allowed for them. Guards haven’t tested the blast chillers so far, which were acquired at the end of last year.

The National Assembly press office said in the context of procurement that decision makes followed the international trends, when they decided about the procurement of TASER X26 Tasers. It is a new option preventing to use firearms – said.

The Tasers are operating to a distance of five meters. Two small needles dig themselves into the target person’s skin, which lead through two wires 50 thousand voltage electricity to the body. The gadget takes effect even through clothing. The shock lasts 5 seconds at idle, the duration can be increased by pushing the button more.

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