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Distilling Pálinka is soaring in Hungary. Not only the commission brewers’ production increased, but the popularity of home brewing is also on the rise. According to the latest data and the expectancy calculated by professionals, brewing Pálinka built up its momentum – Magyar Idők wrote. In the first half of the year, the amount made by professional commission brewers of this delicious Hungaricum was over 1.4 Million litres. This number exceeds 2017’s first half year by over 200,000 litres – can be read on hvg.hu.

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Homebrewing Pálinka has become more popular recently. In the last few years, 22,000 people reported that they purchased a cauldron for brewing purposes. A lot of apple and plum are used because during the summer the farmers did not sell their produce to big companies for low prices.

The National Tax and Customs Administration office compiled a study that shows a considerable increase in the interest of brewing Pálinka.

The so-called commission brewing is when the vinasse is made for hire by professionals. The alcohol tax must be paid if this is the chosen method. According to the National Tax and Customs Administration, this industry is prospering. In recent years the number of official commission brewing establishments were between 500 and 600. This Autumn, for example, 565 such businesses were active in the country.

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In this year’s first 6 months, 1.4 Million litres of Pálinka eligible to 50 alcohol degrees were sold to customers. This means that 2018’s production was 200.000 litres higher than in last year’s first six months.

But the majority of brewing is usually taking place in the second half of the year, so there is more to come.

A brewing company from Szabolcs said that their production expenses are about 6 € (1700 Ft). Those who wish to make their own drink need to buy a so-called ‘distillation-tax voucher’ since 2016. This allows people to make their own drink lawfully. The cost if this voucher costs about 2 € (700Ft). Including the end of October, those who wanted to brew on their own Pálinka purchased over 76,000 vouchers. In conclusion, home brewers have paid a total of 166,000 € (53 Million Ft) to the Hungarian government. Last year’s revenue exceeded 260,000 € (84 Million Ft).

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Because of this, the employees of the National Tax and Customs Administration also pay attention to advertisements on the internet and in flyers as well as in catering establishments.

Source: hvg.hu

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