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The real estate business is booming, and properties change owners pretty fast. There is a growing number of foreigners (non-Hungarian citizens) interested in buying real estate in Hungary. In 2018, 3,529 Hungarian properties were bought by foreigners.


In 2018, 3,529 pieces of real estate were bought by foreigners in Hungary, which is 323 more than in 2017, 24.hu reports based on statistics published on the government’s website. Moreover, 377 of those 3,529 apartments were sold by a foreign owner.

3,565 foreign citizens gained ownership of a Hungarian property in 2018, and only 700 of them are EU citizens.

Among the different nations who were interested in buying property in Hungary, the Chinese bought the majority of real estate:

1610 Chinese citizens became owners of Hungarian property in 2018, which is 37-people more than in 2017. The silver medal goes to the Israelis who bought 331 real estates, and the Russians bought 312.

Russian buyers bought several properties in the countryside, too: 48 in Hévíz, 21 in Sopron, and 10 in Keszthely. Ukrainians, Americans and the Turkish were all high on the list, too.


Budapest was the most popular city among foreign buyers: 2,693 properties were bought here out of the 3,529. The least popular region seems to be Tolna county, where only 6 sales were made with foreign buyers last year.

How many properties were bought in each county:

Within Budapest, District VII was the most popular area with 433 sold apartments, followed by District VIII (244) and District X (215).

How many properties were bought in each district in Budapest:

Chinese buyers (who bought the majority of real estate) seemed to prefer districts other than District VII and VIII. Their preferred districts were: District XIII (198 properties), District VII (158 properties), District X (149 properties), District VI (140), and District VIII (128).

The sales in District VII and VIII according to the nationalities of buyers:

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Source: www.24.hu

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