The British musician gave a concert earlier this week in Budapest, before which he was interviewed by RTL Klub. Sting talked about his concert in Budapest 8 months ago and what he likes most about Hungary.

Szeretlek Magyarország published a transcript of an interview conducted by RTL Klub with the world-famous Sting before his concert on the 2nd of July.

This was the 12th time Sting gave a concert in Hungary in the past 30 years, but his visits to the country became more and more frequent: over the course of the previous three years, he performed in Hungary three times. The last time he had his Hungarian fans in ecstasy was 8 months ago, when he gave a free concert at Heroes’ Square with Shaggy.

Rain was pouring heavily all throughout his performance, but the audience could not be moved by the weather. Sting commented that he felt honoured that people did not leave in spite of the rain, despite the fact that their instincts might have told them to leave and seek shelter.

“It was amazing, I felt like I was at home,” he said.

Sting further mused about his first concert in Budapest, which took place in 1988, before the fall of the Communist regime in Hungary.

“Coming to Hungary for the first time was amazing. I got to see various Soviet war monuments and how astonishingly historic Budapest is. The architecture is mind-blowing. I knew that it was one of the centres of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and I knew its history.

So, it was very interesting. We played in a huge stadium, and the audience was just as much rock’n’roll as on the other side of the globe.”

The musician told RTL Klub that he likes Hungarian wines, and he is closely affiliated with winemaking: he owns a vineyard together with his wife, and they produce wines as well.

It is known that Sting is never afraid to share his opinion on what is happening in the public sphere, but he believes that musicians are not assigned the task of changing the world, politicians are. Musicians do their thing, they perform, and if they are asked a question to which they have an answer, they will say it.

He shared his opinion on Brexit with RTL Klub: “The EU is not doing a great job of advertising its greatest victory, the fact that there were no major wars in Europe for 75 years now. It was Winston Churchill’s idea to focus on trade. That way, we would not be killing each other. Therefore, the EU is a great success, but it is not perfect, so it needs reforms.

However, it is better to reform it from the inside than to leave it.

That way, you will not be able to influence anything. I think it is crazy for the UK to leave the EU.”















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