National Gallop

Most of us have been to Heroes’ square. It’s quite monumental with its statues and the two museums surrounding it. It is history, tradition to us, Hungarians. Now, imagine the square with a big racetrack, horseback action and a cheering crowd. This is what you’ll see if you visit the National Gallop this weekend.

This will be the 8th time that this event is organised. It represents Hungarian traditions and culture. The Hungarian has always been a ‘horseback nation’ throughout the history. This tradition still lives and young jockeys prove it from year to year. More than 250 horses and riders will compete for the prizes this year. Riders from Hungarian regions outside the border can also compete every year. This will be the 3rd year that an international race will also be held.

There is not one other horse race in the world which is held in such a spectacular place. The crowd is bigger every year, many people come from abroad. Undoubtedly, the most exciting part is the final race on Sunday where only the best are left. During the weekend you can also get the taste of the world-famous Hungarian cuisine where the main theme is going to be meat.

The technical designers of the National Gallop are the famous Lázár brothers who are equestrian champions. “The National Gallop is a bridge between generations. Our task is to pass down the knowledge, the history, the experience, the tradition and the power it has to the youth. It will be their job to carry on. The comradeship and self-sacrifice get a big emphasis because the event is not only about racing but togetherness as well.” writes Vilmos Lázár, the president of the Hungarian Equestrian Federation and the National Gallop in his welcoming letter at their official website (

Don’t miss this fascinating event that has a vintage feel to it since you feel like you have travelled back in time. This is our history before your own eyes!

Written by Alexandra Béni

Source: Daily News Hungary

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