A Hungarian-American girl, Kittensinurface, explains the differences between an American and a Hungarian high school. 

Photo: youTube

Copy editor: bm

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kittensinurface/videos

  1. You have somewhat of a myopic view of the differences. USA is NOT a homogeneous society, as you point out, thereby the education system is and must be capable of catering to all walks of life. In Hungary, it’s more “dictatorial” – not necessarily bad, it’s just DIFFERENT.

    Racial differences DON’T exist in Hungary. I was 11 years old before I saw the FIRST African.

  2. I’m from Austria and spending the year in the USA, the differences are exactly the same ones you mentioned in the video 🙂 Especially the diversity part, Until I was about 10 I had never seen someone of a different race!

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