Hungarian football is going through a bit of a bad patch. As the country that brought the world Puskás, Kocsis, Lantos and more, Hungary was once a place that ruled the footballing world. Much like the Dutch side of 1970, their 1954 World Cup side remains one of the most loved sides that did not win the tournament. They played with a panache and a vigour that other sides simply didn’t have. They revolutionized and changed the way we play the game and are stuck in people’s minds a very special and beautiful side.

Unfortunately times have changed and it is Hungarian football that is need of deep change and a revolution. The national side languished 14 points behind second placed Switzerland in their World Cup qualification group, miles away from making the World Cup. Even worse was the fact that they drew with the Faroe Island, lost to Andorra and then also lost to Luxembourg in a friendly. This current side isn’t fit to polish the boots of the great Hungary side of the 50’s and it is clear Hungary needs a fresh impetus and lease of life when it comes to the world’s most popular game.

One league that is doing more than most to make changes to the way teams are organised and players grow is the MLS. The United States and Canada have not long been associated with football but with the MLS continuing to grow it is clear it is becoming an emerging power. We live in a more connected world meaning players are now happier to travel across the globe to play, and as we noted here at there are soon to be direct daily flights to Hungary from Canada for any homesick players.

Currently, according to, three players from Hungary ply their trade in the MLS and all three of them play in the national team suggesting that moving to the MLS can help any players on the fringes and is seen as a league good enough for the national team.

In the past moving to the MLS might have meant the death of career but now it can rebirth them. So here are three players who should consider a move as well as the three clubs that should consider signing them.

Barnabás Bese to Montreal Impact

Montreal had a dog’s dinner of a season finishing in 17th in the overall MLS rankings and having the joint third worst defence in their conference. They need to gamble, they need to invoke that great Canadian tradition of taking a spin, exemplified by the amazing range of gambling games at that show just how innovative Canada is when it comes to providing great slots games to play and taking risks. They would certainly have been better putting their money into these amazing slots than they would have spending it on some of the dross they have in recent years. Bese would be a huge improvement, he is a young and exciting defender who could shore up their backline and bring a much needed calm.

He is currently playing in France meaning he would slot into a French speaking dressing room like Montreal’s and would give them something they badly need. It would be a great move both for him and for Montreal.

Norbert Balogh to Colorado Rapids

Currently at Palermo, Balogh is not getting enough time on the pitch and has thus lost his place in the Hungary national side. At just 21 he has plenty of time to get his career back on track but will not want too many lost years.

The striker has shown he can be lethal and that is what Colorado need.

They only scored 31 goals in 34 matches last season which is an awful return. Balogh would not be a guaranteed success, he would be like playing slots at a casino, something fun, with a great chance of winning and being rewarded but not guaranteed. However since he would likely be available on loan, he would be a low risk option much like playing slots with free spins or a no deposit bonus.

Ádám Bogdán to LAFC

LAFC will be making their MLS debut this year and this need someone to provide a calmness and stability. Things can be very tough for a new team so having someone with experience and presence can make a real difference. Ádám Bogdán has played at the highest level for a number of years and has fallen down the pecking order at Liverpool, he is third perhaps even fourth choice Goalkeeper and needs a move. A loan to LAFC would be perfect for him.


Source: DNH PR

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