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Three lawmakers quit opposition Jobbik party

Three lawmakers quit opposition Jobbik party

János Volner, a former deputy head of conservative Jobbik, announced on Tuesday that he would leave the party, along with lawmakers Erik Fülöp and István Apáti.

Speaking at a press conference prior to his disciplinary hearing, Volner said that “some leaders of Jobbik have already pronounced their sentence. The procedure is a show trial, designed to exclude me from my own party at the end.”

Jobbik is on the wrong path, and no longer represents the national cause, Volner insisted, accusing party leader Tamás Sneider of “degrading [the party] into an irrevocably sinking wreck.”

With Jobbik “out of the game”, there is no large party capable of addressing Fidesz voters, Volner said.

The only way to overturn the “current regime”, he said, would be to win over “hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million voters from the ruling party”.

Jobbik has given up that fight and its leaders have chosen politics merely to make a living, he said. “The discrepancy between Jobbik’s official policies and actions is enormous,” he said.

Of the two other lawmakers, Fülöp has already left the party, while Apáti will do so shortly, Volner said.

Volner was expelled from the party’s parliamentary group at an extraordinary meeting on October 5 after he had sent a letter to Jobbik’s grassroots leaders calling for the installation of a new party leadership.

In his letter — a copy of which was published online by business weekly Figyelő on Friday — Volner, referring to Jobbik’s endeavours to turn itself into a “people’s party”, scorned attempts to forge a close alliance with green party LMP. He also accused Jobbik’s leader and his deputy of forging an alliance “with NGOs sponsored by speculator George Soros, a freemason” and the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition.

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Source: MTI

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  1. David Yuhas

    I’m not too surprised at what has been happening here.

    Jobbik has found itself in Debt…& to the Rescue has come Karagyorgy…with the desperatley-need Cash…but with “Conditions’, which we have seen unfolding Week after Week.

    This would be a good Subject for a “Novella” to be shown on the “new CEU”, “Central Euopean Univision”

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