Dávid Izmael Király has more than 3 million followers on TikTok, and his videos have millions of views already.

We have recently written about a Brazilian-Hungarian ex-model becoming very popular on TikTok. She has a lot of likes for sure, but she cannot reach the heights of the Hungarian young guy we are about to introduce to you. 

He created a TikTok profile and started uploading meme videos related to football. He managed to trick many people around the world into thinking that he is the Argentine footballer, Lionel Messi. It got so huge that there really are many people who think that Messi himself leaves comments under the official profiles of Real Madrid players, trolling them.

24.hu reached out to

the young Hungarian Dávid who decided to conduct an interesting social experiment by setting up a profile of someone known and popular all over the world but who does not have an official profile on the application.

He chose the 6-time Golden Ball-winning player of Barcelona, Lionel Messi, and opened the @messi_barcelona_offical TikTok profile.

“I was most interested in how easy it was to gain followers with this method and how many people I could reach on the internet,” explains Dávid.

According to him,

followers suddenly flooded his page; he gained 2 million of them over the course of two weeks.

He managed to do that using short, funny videos that most of the time include Lionel Messi against a rival of football club Barcelona.

One of his popular videos is when he cut a shot of Messi stopping with his car to give autographs to his fans, then the next shot shows Cristiano Ronaldo walking on the street with his bodyguards, and when a fan asks for a photo with him, the footballer simply pushes him away. He generated a crazy amount of views and likes with this type of distorted content.


Messi VS Ronaldo 😱😱😳😳😳

♬ eredeti hang – Leo Messi Fan

To generate even more views on his own videos, he started commenting under videos uploaded by Messi’s rivals, for instance, on the profile of Sergio Ramos, World Cup champion defender of Real Madrid.

“These videos have millions of views, are reached by many, containing a crazy amount of comments. I started trolling here, and my comments received so many likes that they jumped to the top of the list, thus making my profile reach even more people.“

Dávid did it so believably that even TikTok believed he was actually Lionel Messi and gave him the blue tick authenticating his profile,

the sign that is usually given to actually existing, usually famous people with a huge number of followers, like Sergio Ramos himself. The only thing a user has to do to achieve this is to actively generate content and not to harm other users in any way, and to respect general rules of the application, of course.

“I think they made a mistake regarding this, as all of a sudden the blue tick appeared next to the name, meaning that moderators did think I was Lionel Messi. All this led me to be included in the so-called For You category that places TikTok’s most popular videos on the starting page, making it a recommendation for everyone all over the world. Things really got heated after this as one of my videos was viewed by 51 million people in under a couple of weeks, which also really increased the number of my followers.”

That is when he decided to change the name of his profile to Leo Messi Fan to avoid being banned from the application in case TikTok figured out the truth. As soon as he did so, the blue tick disappeared instantly. He does not know whether anyone famous believed the authenticity of the profile; however,

the channel of LaLiga, the Spanish First Division football league, has reached out to him to remove two of his videos.

He says he does not plan on changing the style of his videos. He probably does it well, as being popular on TikTok can even generate revenues. The Chinese platform decided to make it possible for users in Europe as well to make money with the application, as ByteDance standing behind TikTok will pay attention to advertisements. For now, they have the plan to distribute over 55 million euros among famous TikTok users of Germany, Spain, France, and the UK.

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Source: 24.hu

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