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How many times has it happened to you that you have gone to buy a toy for a birthday or for your child and you ended up losing yourself among so much variety? And it is that, in the current market, the variety of toys is so great and varied that it is very difficult to decide on one or the other. Therefore, today we are going to give a few tips and suggestions for choosing and buying a toy.

Most important of all, keep the child in mind. It may seem silly, but on many occasions we forget that the toy is for our child and not for us. Therefore, the toy that we choose must be desired by the child.

We must also make sure that it is made of materials (larger the smaller the child is) that do not splinter or, if they break, that they can cut. Also, the color should not be toxic.

When buying them, we must think about the purpose and attitudes they develop in our children; that is, they must be appropriate for the child’s age. For example, in the case of buying a toy for a baby between zero and six months, we will take into account that it is when the child begins to discover his body and to distinguish different textures, shapes and colors. In this case, rattles, crib mobiles, rubber dolls, reborn baby dolls, rugs with activities, among many others, can be a very good option.

In the second half of the first year of life, our baby begins to explore objects and recognize different voices; we will take advantage of encounters to look for ball type toys, rag doll, sound toys, seesaws, walkers …

Between thirteen and eighteen months, the boys and girls are peeling themselves and recognize some properties of objects. Nesting and stacking cubes, adapted bikes with wheels and strollers are a very good option.

Up to two years of age, the child speaks and understands more every day, in addition to discovering things in his environment. For this reason, it would be a very good idea to buy him toys that help him to enhance his desire for discovery: cars, bicycles, blackboards, paintings, musical instruments, dolls, animals …

During the two and three-year stage, they begin to be curious about the names of things and spend much of their game imitating familiar scenes; therefore, tricycles, shovels, buckets, puzzles, paintings or dolls can be good options for this age range.

Between the ages of three and five, children begin to ask questions, learn songs, and play games with their friends. Bicycles, blackboards, stories, puppets and articulated dolls with which to recreate situations with other children will be well received by them.

From the age of six, as the child will gradually enter the world of numbers (with addition and subtraction) and letters (with reading and writing), it is a good time to choose toys that are questions or experiments, as well as manual games.

In addition to age, we must also bear in mind when buying or choosing a toy, the child’s personality. For example, if our child is very shy, it will be a good idea to buy her socializing toys in which she requires more people to carry them out; if our child finds it difficult to stay still, a game in which he must maintain his attention is the best option.

Sometimes it is thought that the more complex the game or the toy is, the better, but it happens that if the toy is simple it will help to increase the range of uses that can be made of it, increasing the child’s fantasy and symbolic capacity.

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