Among the 2,000 tons of hazardous waste there are those which inhalation is harmful in itself. The total clean-up could take several years, if someone would start finally, said.

In the middle of Budapest, at the junction of Kispest, Ferencvaros and Pesterzsebet, 2000 tons of hazardous waste are proven to poison the soil, the water and the air in the area of the Illatos ut Chemical Works – said. A company calling itself urban guerilla team got into the territory of the former chemical works, photographed the facility and the materials stored there.

In connection with the topic, Gergely Simon, chemical expert of Greenpeace said in the program of TV2, Mokka: they found highly dangerous, toxic substances inside. Inhalation of some of them is harmful in itself, and there are those which are likely carcinogenic. They also saw specifically inflammable and explosive materials on the site, said.

According to the expert, a 2011 study has shown that there were very serious problems. In 2005 and 2006, contamination hundreds of thousands times higher than the limit was detected in the case of several hazardous substances. Then the remediation started but it stopped because of no money. Experts say the contamination level can be similar to the one showed10 years ago. The hazardous materials could get 60-meter deep in the soil.

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