One of the most happening destinations in Europe, Hungary has been wowing adventurous travellers for over two decades now. The slow rise of the country on the travel destination map has kept its authenticity alive, with importance to local culture becoming its main attraction.

People from all over the world visit Hungary daily, and the country never ceases to disappoint. A Hungarian vacation, packed with visits to historical monuments, a thriving food scene, and a general love for the good things in life, guarantees exciting discoveries and memorable experiences.


The most popular destination in all of Hungary, Budapest is more than just the capital of the country. With the Danube cutting through the towns of Pest and Buda, the city achieves an exclusive appeal that is hard to find elsewhere. Moreover, it provides the ardent traveller with a significant number of options to immerse in the local architecture and culture while enjoying the modern aspects of the world today. While the vibrant restaurant scene of Budapest is enough to satiate all cravings, it is the city’s historical features that stand out. Buda’s old town is a treasure-trove of ancient findings, and its contrasting topography to that of a much flatter Pest, gives the entire city a unique aura, best experienced by walking along its many quaint streets.  

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As is most of Europe, Hungary is sports crazy. Football is undoubtedly popular, but the country also excels in weightlifting, athletics, and tennis. An interesting aspect about Hungary is that sports betting is legal there, and while up until 2013, it was controlled by the government only, new laws allow for foreign betting sites to operate in the state. With more online betting options available, locals, as well as visitors touring Hungary, can indulge in excellent opportunities to make money through sporting events taking place anywhere in the world. For people who enjoy a bit of unusual sports trivia, Hungary has two national sports in football and water polo.    


A trip to Hungary is incomplete without savouring its local delicacies. The food is surprisingly cheap here, considering we are in the middle of Europe, and portion sizes are typically huge. A lot of passion goes into traditional preparations which range from comfort food to fine-dining options. Some of the must-have dishes when in Hungry include goulash, a flavourful soupy dish with chunks of meat thrown in for good measure, and stuffed cabbage, which is a lot like the Greek dolma, with fillings comprising of meat and rice, but eaten with sour cream.   


Turkish, Greek, and Roman architectural influence are evident as one walks through the many streets of Hungary. However, one sees a similarity in Hungarian culture as well with the country being amongst the top places in Europe to experience mineral baths. But it is in truth the violent past that the country faced centuries ago that has shaped its traditions. Folk music, dance, embroidery, are but a few specialities of the country that give is an individualistic charm, making it one of the most surprising travel destinations in central Europe.

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