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If you want to change environments, then the first thing you should do is explore beautiful Eastern Europe. There are many cool places that you can go to and visit once there, but one of best ones is Hungary. When it comes to education, this country is regarded as quite extraordinary; there are many great colleges within Hungary, so we are here to help you pick the best one. Here’s a list that will help you, check it out these universities in Hungary and let us know what you think.

  1. University of Debrecen

The total number of students at the University of Debrecen, one of the best universities in Hungary, is around 26,000 out of which about 5,000 are international, so you will have no problems fitting in! People in Hungary are very welcoming, so you should not be anxious about making Hungarian friends either. Some of the best subjects to study here are Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Physics, and Plant and Animal Science. The university is also known for its research reputation, assignment help, and endless conferences held there. What can I say other than: if you choose it, you will have a blast?

  1. Eötvös Loránd University

ELTE has a lower number of international students, about 3,000, while the total number of students enrolled in the university is 27,000. But as I said before, this should not intimidate you; getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing, as it will teach you many interesting things about yourself. Eotvos Lorand University has a good global research reputation and ranks 912nd on the conferences scale. It has been nominalized as one of the best global universities in Europe, and it is nevertheless the best one in Hungary.

The best subjects to study here are Chemistry, Physics, Plant and Animal Science, and Psychiatry/Psychology. Check their list of essay titles and university excellence diplomas for more info. This university’s international collaboration rate also ranks pretty high, making it an appealing place for international students to travel to.

  1. University of Szeged

Also ranked as one of the best global universities, University of Szeged (SOTE) is another internationally welcome place. Its total number of students equals 20,000, usually, out of which around 3,000 are international. This college is also well-regarded for its high number of international staff – out of 1,572 faculty members, 73 are international. The best subjects to study here are Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Neuroscience and Behavior, and Pharmacology and Toxicology.

University of Szeged has a good global research reputation, as well as regional research reputation. The number of international conferences held here was 971, this by 2019. Its international collaboration rate is also high, so many internationals choose this university as their destination.

University of Szeged – Increasing number of international students

  1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Ranked 944th on the best global universities, Budapest University of Technology and Economics is one of the top studying abroad university destinations for international students. The best courses to enroll in here are Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics. This university ranks high on international collaboration and has a high number of cited papers. The BUTE is among the 1 percent most cited universities. Regarding books, publication, and conferences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics ranked 679th, 778th, and 238th by 2019. Spending quality time in Hungary and attending this university is a must do!


Whichever university you end up choosing, make sure you travel to Hungary with an open mind and heart. Eastern Europe is very welcoming, people are super nice, and the cultural exchange you will experience will be more than extraordinary; that’s why you must be open-minded – to meet people, to exchange ideas, and to fall in love with beautiful European cities.


Emma Rundle is a world traveler and freelance writer. She was an international student studying abroad, helping other internationals with homework. Her degree helps her keep track of other students in need of help.

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