University of Szeged

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ and Makovecz international programs, 221 students will be studying at the University of Szeged. Foreign students came from 16 countries and 83 different cities to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills at the Hungarian university.

“I chose the University of Szeged as I heard that it provides excellent medical training in English,” explained Michela Addeo, a student from Verona. The Italian girl also added that the higher education institution was offered by her Italian university due to the fact that here, she can gain a lot of practical experience as a medical student. Michela also participated in the Orientation Week that assists international students with the integration process.

The ceremony welcomed 221 foreign students starting their studies at the university within the framework of the Erasmus+ and Makovecz programs. Thanks to the Erasmus program, 218 students will be studying at the University of Szeged, who came from 16 countries and 95 universities. They are mostly from the European Union: primarily from France, Spain, and Turkey.

As describes, the majority of students come from Spain, but the campus is also popular among Italians and Germans. The Faculty of Arts receives the highest number of foreign students; however, many scholars have chosen Economics and the Faculty of Law for one semester. Apart from this, the Faculty of Medicine is also very popular.

The Makovecz program provides learning opportunities in Hungary for those Hungarians who live abroad, within the Carpathian Basin.

“It is important that foreign students feel at home; they will be supported by Hungarian students,” explained Péter Zakar, Deputy Rector for International and Public Affairs at the University of Szeged.

It was also revealed that a total of 1150 international students will start their first-year studies in Szeged, many of whom came from Iran and African countries.


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