Budapest is overflowed with restaurants and cafes, which have gyros as a part of their regular menu. Even though this classic Mediterranean dish is not a rare treat, it is at times very difficult to find a place where authentic culinary traditions are kept. The Dining Guide once again surprised its readers with the top 5 places to visit if you consider yourself a gyros fan. 

1. The first place is given to the authentic Greek restaurant – Gyradiko. It is located in wonderful settings of the Római part. This restaurant offers a great variety of the Greek street food: grilled meat mixed with modern varieties of spices, traditional starters, salads, exceptional souses, side dishes and desserts. There is no way one can possibly resist trying Gyradiko gyros: crispy pita bread, the freshest tzatziki that embodies the Greek culinary art and finally the meat, with its highly orchestrated flavors.

2. Kerkyra. It was just a matter of time until the Dining Guide professionals discovered yet another hidden treasure – Kerkyra. This authentic Greek café shows the real seduction of the traditional street food of the Greece. They let visitors to explore varieties of the centuries old cooking traditions and have a little fun with it. Classic thick pita bread, deliciously creamy tzatziki and quintessential crispy, mildly seasoned meat are the basic ingridients of the Kerkyra Gyro. However, there are plenty of opportunities for those visitors, who want to feel a little inventive and adventurous. Some other possible ingridients for the remarkable Greek treat are: slightly spicy feta cheese cream, carrot salad with yoghurt.

3. Big Gyros Taverna was rated the third. In order to discover this place the Dining Guide professionals had to set off in research to find the best Gyros place outside the downtown area of Budapest. Even though most of the time venues of the city center tend to out-charm other restaurants, this time the real taste and spirit of the Mediterranean was found in an unusual for judges area. A great variety of spices, fresh vegetables and meat, exceptional tzatziki – overshadowed many other places.

4. Szeráj. There is no other place in the Hungarian capital that exemplifies Turkish cuisine better than Szeráj. The dishes made in this Turkish self-service restaurant have stood the test of time. Majority of people have made it midweek regulars to visit this place for a gyros (döner).

5. Kyros Gyrosis a hidden treasure for those of our readers, who love gyros. In this tiny Greek place on Hegedűs Gyula Streetgyros is made of the freshest ingridients. There is no secret that gyros is one of the cornerstones of the Greek gastronomy and chefs in Kyros Gyros know how to make it right.

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  1. Tetszik, hogy a másodiknak sorolt gyros képével illusztrálnak .)
    Az első annyira szar? 🙂

    I love that picture of the gyros listed second illustrated.)
    The first is so crap? 🙂

    Αγαπώ αυτήν την εικόνα των γυροσκοπίων που αναφέρονται δεύτερη απεικονίζεται).
    Το πρώτο είναι τόσο χάλια; 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking for a good Greek Gyros for months now, so sick and tired of the Kebabs that are everywhere in the city. Thanks!!

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