Hungary, a landlocked country in the heart of Europe, has developed into a vibrant nation since emerging from the Eastern Bloc 30 years ago. The land of the Magyars has experienced much turmoil in its long history.

Successive conquerors have left their mark on the landscape and architecture, creating a marvelous melting pot of cultures, complimented with stunning scenery, verdant forests and towering castles. So if you met someone on a site like this and decided to spend some time together, Hungary is a prime location for a romantic getaway. Here are the top six locations.

Budapest – a glittering capital

The countless cultural influences which have gone together to forge the modern state of Hungary are encapsulated by its capital, Budapest. This is the perfect location for a romantic stroll through streets steeped in history and quirky character, with the mighty Danube River flowing by. There are so many suggested locations for your ideal date it is very difficult to know where to start. Some terrific places to visit include Buda Castle, the Basilica of Saint Stephen, the Hungarian State Opera house, or the Great Synagogue. Why not book a couple of seats on one of the many pleasure boats cruising along the Danube while savoring fine local cuisine?

Szentendre – art by the riverside

A mere 20 km from Budapest lies Saint Andrews, or Szentendre as it is known in the Magyar tongue. This is a beautiful and picturesque location, a artistic world typified by magical cobbled streets and brashly-colored baroque houses. This visual feast would be ideal for any photo album. Amongst the many art galleries and museums, there are also charming cafes where you can relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Debrecen – the former capital, a historic hub

Debrecen is Hungary’s second most populated city and has its own unique history which is well worth a visit for any romantic couple. Debrecen is referred to as the gateway to the Great Plains of Hungary, making the ideal starting point if you intend visiting the captivating landscapes of the Hortobagy National Park. There are also many buildings to visit, such as the Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art, and the eye-catching exhibits of the Deri Museum.

Lake Balaton – Central Europe’s largest lake

A truly breathtaking destination for visitors to Hungary is Lake Balaton, which holds the honor of being the largest stretch of inland water in central Europe. The sheer scale of this aquatic wonder means it has also been dubbed the Hungarian Sea. With a shoreline stretching to almost 200 km, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can traverse its splendid and tranquil scenery via a circuitous cycle path. Surrounding the waterway are many resort towns and forests, most notably the Balaton Uplands National Park. If you would like to savor a taste of Hungary, there are plenty of eating places, not to mention spa resorts and music festivals.

Aggtelek – breathtaking stalactite caverns

After a day’s sightseeing in the open spaces, another charming location with a difference are the renowned Aggtelek Caves. This UNESCO World Heritage site contains some of the most memorable landscapes in Hungary. When you enter this vast underground cathedral, you will be left in awe at the marvelous stalactite formations dominating the natural subterranean chambers.

Tokaj – historic wine town

Finally, to round off your Hungarian getaway, why not visit the historic wine town of Tokaj? As well as the picturesque houses, you and your partner will be treated to superb views of the rolling Zemplen hills before you get down to some serious sampling. The area has been fermenting delicious wines since the 1400s.

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