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Top Hungarian programs you should try during the summer

Top Hungarian programs you should try during the summer

Summertime activities can be difficult to calculate and carry out with a full-time job. However, after reading’s collection of must-do programs, it is very likely that you would want to skip a workday – or two!

Have you ever felt like you are being left out of summer programs because of your full-time job? When your friends were just hanging near the seaside or spending time at Lake Balaton, you were doing another excel table for your boss – we all know that feeling! The following list contains events and programs that can be enjoyed on workdays after 6 pm, as well as during weekends.

  1. Go and watch a movie at the Budapest Rooftop Cinema, situated at Corvin Rooftop near Blaha Lujza square. Their featured movies include classics such as The Notebook, Intouchables, or Greese.
  2. Budapest is full of beautiful marketplaces – visit the most famous Great Market Hall at Fővám Square or go for the familiar, friendly atmosphere at Lehel Market.

    budapest market food gastronomy building


  3. There are several lovely exhibitions in Budapest, as always. We would recommend the Murder exhibition that offers its visitors gruesome stories and many unforgettably creepy minutes.
  4. Pubs at riverside beaches are definitely a thing in Budapest. Pontoon has activities for day and night, too – partying while the sun wakes up, with beautiful reflections on the Danube is surely a must see in Budapest! Valyo-port at Közvágóhíd offers the same experience with more locals to be found.

    Valyo part


  5. BKK Public Transport boats can be a lot of fun: you can find timetables and ticket information here.
  6. When taking the BKK boat as recommended in the previous point, you can easily reach the Roman shore, a calm but lovely place near Budapest.
  7. See our list of recommended parks and hidden treasures in Budapest – another thing worth doing during summertime. If you feel like that, you can visit some parks even barefoot.
  8. Go to open-air concerts, musical festivals or gastronomy festivals in the city or the countryside. Hungary can offer some truly memorable experiences for the lovers of music.
  9. Nothing is better than to start the day with reviving jogging – go to the deservedly famous Margaret Island for a morning run to boost your mood.

    Margaret Island, Budapest Margitsziget - Daily News Hungary

    Photo: Daily News Hungary

  10. Seeking to relax after a stressful day at work? Go to one of the beaches after work, at least the sun is not as dangerous as during the peak period.
  11. Have a bottle of wine at the Szabadság bridge. The oh-so-popular events of last year are here again – you do not have to do anything else, just sit on the bridge with your friends and have fun, with the bridge closed down from transport.
  12. Do you always get the feeling that you do not have any time to read the books you planned to? Now is your time to enjoy all those books.
  13. A picnic in a hidden park – shall I say anything else?
  14. Lots of companies offer Budapest City tours with unexpected, interesting perspectives. Why not try one?
  15. Watch the lunar eclipse from the Hármashatár-mountain.

+1: Baths in Budapest have their origins in Roman and Turkish times. Trust me, if you try it, it will be so hard not wanting to go again.

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