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The tourism industry has come a long way from yesteryears. Earlier people would travel to pilgrim spots. Slowly, travellers started exploring scenic places, hill stations and beachside locations. Today, the millennial tourist wants a unique experience, different from the generic vacation spots. A European holiday is far more common than you can think. And contrary to popular belief, travelling is a lot cheaper and convenient than before.

Recent studies reveal how exotic countries like Budapest and other European countries are popular spots for solo trips. Students and history buffs often consider Budapest as their dream destination. The scenic landscape, diverse culture and natural beauty of the place can lure the most stoic of travellers. Here are all the reasons why Budapest is on everyone’s bucket list. Read on to know more.

A historical city

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, has a rich historical and cultural significance. The town stands right next to the river Danube, which is among the oldest sites for civilization. You can still find archaeological remains from the Stone Age in some excavation lands.

What’s more, it is one of the cheapest cities in Europe right now.

Hotel fares and flight booking have significantly reduced, leading to an increase in the influx of travellers. Plus, the city is immaculate, eco-friendly and tolerant. The roads are spotlessly clean, the buildings beautifully designed, and the people warm and friendly.

Great connectivity

The city has a dedicated and intricate network of roadways and railways. The public transport options are cheap and readily available. Plus, travelling inside the city is very safe. You can go out at night, party your heart out without any safety issues.

If you are planning a road trip across Europe, then Budapest is a mandatory spot.

The meandering lanes, scenic views and clear blue skies make for an unforgettable trip. 

Reasonable prices

There are several reasons why people visit Budapest. Some come here for fun, others to learn about history, and then some people want to party. The city caters to all your needs. The pubs, bars and nightclubs of the neighbourhood are cosy and friendly places. And if you want a more traditional experience then take a tour of the vineyards in the Budapest’s castle district. There is an extensive labyrinth of grape farms, orchards and other produce.

To get a more in-depth insight into the local lifestyle, explore the central marketplace of Budapest. Optimize the opportunity to talk to the farmers and shopkeepers. Understand more about the heritage if the city. Learn a few words of the local language as well if necessary, it would only make the experience more authentic and credible.  

The diverse culture and cuisine

Art students would love to explore the nooks and crannies of the city. Budapest bears testament to some of the most significant events in history. From the Stone Age to the two world wars- this land has seen it all. The House of Terror is a haunting experience that allows visitors to revisit the terrifying years of Hitler’s reign. The Ruin Pubs are another major attraction in the city that you must visit.

ruin bar
Ruin Bar /www.facebook.com/Instant/

Other than that, the local street food is to die for! Talk to the local crowd for some fantastic recommendations. People here are amicable and helpful to travellers, showing them unexplored parts of the city. No city guide or travel agency can show you these marvellous sights as well as these people can.

Hot springs and spas

Nothing beats the bliss of a luxurious spa and sauna bath after a hectic day of sightseeing. For after exploring the sights and scenes of Budapest, you need to relax those sore muscles. Well, the city has just the thing for you. There are multiple natural hot water springs, saunas and steaming spaces around the city. Book an appointment to one of these areas and rejuvenate in the natural salts and minerals of the spring water.

Rich religious rituals

Budapest has a diverse and different religious culture as well that would fascinate many foreign travellers. It is interesting to note that the city is home to a wide range of faiths and beliefs. From the synagogue to the church, you will find it all in here. Students of art and philosophy would love to explore the deeper insights of these religious attractions. You can learn more about the kind of rituals, perceptions and beliefs people harbour in this area. The city has no dearth of cheap and affordable accommodation spaces and hostels for students. Others can simply appreciate the architectural beauty and grandeur of these structures.

Picturesque urban spaces

The city is a unique mix of modernity and heritage that makes it an exciting destination for travellers.

You can find ancient buildings, quaint little cafes, historical sites around every corner of the city.

At the same time, there are architectural wonders like flyovers, elegant bridges, skyscrapers and more.

Even the accommodation options are varied and sophisticated. The restaurants, street stalls, and little stores are pretty affordable and accessible. If you have a decent budget, then I would recommend you spend a night at The Grand Budapest Hotel for a truly royal experience.

City attraction to check out

Budapest has certain attractions that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. For instance, walking down the cobbled streets of the city, you can stumble across ruin bars. These establishments are set up in dilapidated apartments and rooftops of Jewish quarters.

The pop-up bars are setup every other day, displaying an extensive collection of local art souvenirs.

These buildings were formerly old cinema houses, theatres and car parking areas. Think of these spaces as a mix between a pub and an artsy party. Delicious snacks, fun dance parties, and inventive installation are some of the highlights that you can enjoy here.

The bottom line

Planning a trip requires meticulous effort. Budapest is a hub of history and culture. It would make an enriching, entertaining and educational trip visiting the ruins and attractions of the city. The city has something for everyone. For the history lover, there are museums and sites. For the party animals, there are pubs and exciting nightlife. And for nature lovers, the landscape is a pure delight for the senses.

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  1. We visited my lady friend’s home in Budapest a few years ago. One of the best experiences was a walking tour. Our guide made it a most memorable trip. We tipped him an extra $50 American money. He thought he hit the lotto. 😉

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