Hungary drew a record number in 2018 when there were around 31 million tourists that year.

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One of the most common reasons why people come here is the number of nature parks. Nature lovers will be able to see some of the most beautiful things in the world. Because of that, we suggest camping in nature parks as one of the most entertaining activities. Of course, you need to prepare yourself with camping equipment. You need to be prepared and make sure that you did everything from choosing the right location to going through a guide on how to choose your tent!

The number of parks is significant, but we will choose three for this article. We believe that our list will fulfill your “travel list” with some new places.

Let’s get started.

Danube-Ipoly Nature Park

Okay, we will start with one of the most visited parks in the entire history. The name itself already says one thing about this nature park. It is located in the touristic area – Northern Danube. Many tourists say that this area is the most accessible one compared to some other parks. Yet, if you plan to visit here, it is good to know that Danube-Ipoly is not the only park in the area.

This park is under the nature protection program. All the species of plants, birds, and other animals that reside here are protected. The entire size of the park is 600 square kilometers. The nature park starts right north of Budapest and extends to the Slovakian border. Despite camping, you could do a couple of activities next to that. For example, we suggest you visit the Ethno village of Ócsa and explore the Szemlő-Hegyi cave.

Szemlő mountain, cave, Hungary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Christo

Danube-Dráva Nature Park

Well, this time we will move to the south of the country where this nature park is located. More precisely, have you ever heard about the city of Pécs? Well, this park is near that town. So, if you plan to visit it, the best possible thing would be to go camping in the Danube-Dráva national park. It is located between the rivers Danube and Drava in the Southern Transdanubia area.

Well, there is one thing that you probably concluded alone. As we said, this park is wedged between these two rivers. That means there is a great habitat for a lot of water bound animals. We can say that this area is flood land area in theory. The park was a drowned land often times when the rivers exceed their boundaries.

You won’t be able to find a lot of wildlife in Europe. Wild animals are usually associated with other continents like Africa and South America. Yet, you would be able to see them here a lot. This especially counts during the summer months, from June to September. Within these 3-4 months, the climate is perfect for camping as well.

Bükk Nature Park

Well, in this park, tourists can find a varied landscape that can offer many things. For a start, there are many cute mountain towns and scenic roads through the forest. These are the places where you can camp with family or friends. However, it is good to know that here you can find a ton of birds and wildlife. So, if you are a massive fan of animals, you won’t have to go to Africa or South America to see them.

Bükk National Park, Hungary, nature

Despite that, if you are willing to explore things, there are also limestone caves around. Yet, the one that we want to highlight is the István-Lapa cave. The total length of the cave is around 9 kilometers. However, something that is even more impressive is the depth of the cave – 254 meters. We suggest you go to visit the cave during the day. After that, you can set a camp somewhere in the park and enjoy the summer nights.

Despite that, the Bükk Mountains comes with a huge number of wildlife species.

Some of the wild animals that you can see are wolves, foxes, falcons, bat species, reptiles, etc. This area also has very rare bat species around, which you could also check out.

The complete size of the nature park is around 430 square kilometers. However, there are many more activities that you should do. For example, you can rent a mountain bike and go cycling on mountain roads. The park is well kept and has a lot of hiking trails. If you are a hiking fan, then adventure here would be quite entertaining. Finally, there is also a waterfall at Szalajka-völgy that you should visit as well.

With that we want to end our article and we hope we persuaded you to visit Hungary on your next trip!

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