Instagram is full of photographers, who would give a liver to get the perfect insta-photo. However, by mocking these users, Michelle Liu proves that you can take really funny photos while travelling – writes Szeretlek Magyarország.

Michelle Liu, 21, is not much different from the twenty-something travellers, who take on the world with a single backpack: she is taking a lot of selfies wherever she goes and then, of course, uploads them on Instagram.

So what’s the deal? Well, Michelle aims to find the most unflattering angles to snap her selfies at the well-known sights over the world.

Her goal is to provide a different perspective and to show that you do not have to take yourself seriously at all times.

If such photos were taken of the average person, they would delete them in a matter of seconds. But not Michelle, no, she is proudly showing off her chin.

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When Michelle finally arrived in Budapest, she kept her custom and took some ‘ugly selfies’ at the famous spots of the Hungarian capital.



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