A man caused an accident in 2018, which he is now being charged for. He consumed both drugs and alcohol before getting into the car without a license.

A minor was killed in the accident, reported Index.

The driver exceeded the speed limit and was going 67-70 km/h instead of 50. After a left turn, the car drifted off the road and slammed into the wall next to it. It flipped over and rolled until eventually landing on its tires on the side of the road.

There were three people besides the driver in the car, two children in the back and a woman in the front. The smaller child’s safety belt was not buckled in; they suffered severe injures, which they succumbed to in the hospital the following day. According to the investigation, had they been buckled in, they would have survived. The other child and the woman suffered minor injures, while the man’s vertebra broke.

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The driver is also prosecuted for the possession of drugs in a separate case. According to the prosecutors, the man had been charged with drunk driving before, and he did not have a valid license.

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Source: https://index.hu/

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