coronavirus in Hungary
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Fully 121 Covid patients, mostly elderly and suffering from an underlying illness, have died in the past 24 hours and coronavirus infections have risen by 4,397 to 170,298, said on Saturday.

Altogether 3,689 Covid patients have died since the appearance of coronavirus in Hungary, while 40,820 have made a recovery. There are currently 125,789 active infections and 7,358 patients are in hospital, 599 on ventilators.

Fully 40,359 people are in official home quarantine, while the number of tests stands at 1,480,674.

Across Europe, in neighboring countries and in Hungary, the number of people infected is increasing, and more and more people are requesting hospital care. The epidemic cannot be stopped, the aim is to slow down the epidemic and protect the performance of hospitals. This is also the purpose of the new emergency protection measures.

On November 10, lawmakers extended the government’s special powers by 90 days, allowing the government to suspend the application of some legislation, diverge from legal provisions and take other extraordinary measures by decree.

A major new rule is that face masks must be worn in public spaces in localities with more than 10,000 residents, though it is up to local mayors to decide which spaces the rule applies to.

Among other measures recently introduced: school classes from the eighth grade as well as universities are now holding lessons and lectures online. Also, a curfew is in force between 8pm and 5am, and work carried out beyond the home must be justified.

With the exception of pharmacies and petrol stations, shops can be open until 7pm. Hairdressers, masseurs and personal trainers must observe general curfew rules.

Restaurants are limited to offering takeaways, while hotels are not allowed to cater to tourists, only guests arriving for business, economic or educational purposes. Sports events must be held behind closed doors.

Also, leisure facilities such as fitness gyms, indoor swimming pools, museums, libraries, cinemas, zoos and skating rinks must suspend their services.

Events, including cultural events and Christmas fairs, cannot be held under the special rules. Family and private events including birthday celebrations can be held with a maximum of ten people attending. Funerals can be held with not more than 50 people in attendance.

The government has asked religious communities to make sure their conduct during ceremonies aligns with general coronavirus safety rules.

Source: MTI

  1. Not too long ago, Orbán said he measures the success of his government in the fight against Covid-19 based on the ( low ) number of deaths.
    Now that the number of deaths is very high, is he going to measure his government’s failures?

  2. Gigi, you should write that to Orbán, who since the very first moment made Covid-19 something political, taking merits which were not his when Hungary had relatively low figures during first wave, and not taking any responsability now that number of deaths is escalating.
    On the contrary, he does nothing but continously lying about the state of Health Care presenting it as excellent when we all know it is in fact dreadful ( “we are armed to the teeth ” were his words when secobd wave came… )
    Not to speak oh tge Foreign Minister who proudly announced the Hu will rely on Russian and Chinese vaccines so not to rely on “Brussels” and when rebuked by “Brussels” accused the EU of making of politicizing Covid….
    Fidesz govt politicians are nothing but a gang of liars and…worse

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