For Alfréd Krausz, building the perfect log house is not merely a construction project but a work of art. His unique homes are made of hand-worked spruce logs from trees cut over 1,100 metres high above sea level.

Alfréd Krausz started building log houses with one of his acquaintances, and later, he bought all the literature available on the internet and became a self-taught “log crafter”. “Someone told me once that the perfect log house does not exist. Since then, I have treated this profession as a challenge, trying to refute this statement,” the Transylvanian man told Sokszínű Vidék.


“While you are building a log house, do not forget that you are actually building someone’s dream house,”

claims his credo. Alfréd Krausz has built numerous special log homes, benches, tables, and driveways. He always strives to create perpetual masterpieces which also meet the requirements and guidelines of the International and Alaskan Log Builders’ Association.


“People who choose this construction method are seeking the closeness of nature. There is nothing like a log house. If you do not wake up for months with the desire for a log house, you should choose something different. A log house is like a face tattoo, you should not get one unless you really want to.

The construction of a house depends on its size, the type of roof structure, and the number of partition walls. Since we are a small business, we only build 2 or 3 houses per year, depending on the size. So far, we have only worked with Transylvanian and Hungarian customers.”


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