Four British men’s holiday in Budapest turned into a nightmare when it was revealed that their travel agency forgot to book their return flight tickets, even though they have already paid for them in advance.

The 26-year-old Jack Dixey and his friends Tim, Hanny and Taylor came to Budapest for a 3-day-long holiday. Their original plan was to return home to the UK Saturday morning. However, this could not be realized.

Their travel agency, sent them an e-mail before their journey back home that their return flight had been changed  – the reservation was modified for 10 pm instead of the scheduled 11 am.

Dixey answered the email within 24 hours – in accordance with the travel agency’s request – that they had no problem with the new time. The men did not get more emails; they thought everything was all right with the reservation.

However, when they arrived at the airport, it turned out that their seats had not been booked. Finally, they paid 1700 pounds (~ 1900 EUR) for the new flight tickets.

As Dixey said: ‘It was unbelievable. We managed to get together another £1,700 to fix their mistake. We’re all out of pocket now, but one of us is a student so really can’t afford to be let down like this.’ 

Dixey consulted; however, the agency refused to refund the price of the tickets they paid in advance or compensate the British guys for the caused damages.

Furthermore, the company did not take any responsibility – they blamed Dixey and his friends for the mix-up;  and even denied that an email had been sent about the flight modification – reported the news portal Daily Mail. has not yet commented on the incident.


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