Origo.hu writes about Sighter, a historical game and treasure hunt based on the events of 1956. You can travel back in time while visiting the main locations of the revolution.

We might not know but the locations of the revolution still surround us. The team of Sighter launches its historical game again this year. On this year’s anniversary you’ll need a mobile phone and the application to visit the most significant places.

With the help of the archive photos you can compare how a square, tram stop or a gate looked like in 1956 and how it looks like today. The application leads you to different sights; you take of photo of them and the past comes alive. It’s like a treasure hunt: when you find a sight you get plus information. It can be a small text or further photos, audio files. This year, you also get points for visiting as many sights as possible and correct quiz answers. The winner gets a historic book.

The Sighter is a free application with more than 25 thousand sights all over the world, from Alaska to Australia. In Hungary we have around 5 thousand sights. These are mostly uploaded by the users who can upload photos anytime. The users can also create quizzes and see how many people solved and liked them.

You can browse the sights thematically. The most popular themes are architecture, street art and monuments. You can go on city walks where you are lead to a range of sights. The application supports education as it is easily used on class trips or even teambuilding weekends.

The application won the award for Game Application of the Year in 2013.

Check it out HERE!

Translated by Alexandra Béni

Source: http://www.origo.hu/

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