Budapest, January 20 (MTI) – Hundreds of people gathered at Ronald Reagan’s statue near the US embassy on Budapest’s Szabadság Square to applaud Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, upon his inauguration on Friday.

Zsolt Bayer, a journalist, said that outgoing president Barack Obama “had practically failed to realise any of his plans”.

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Over the past few years America has become “more divided, more aggressive and more liberal”, he said, citing news portal He added that the spread of liberalism was demonstrated, for instance, by growing acceptance of drug use, same-sex-marriage and abortion.

Trump should be aware that “an overwhelming majority of societies around the world are unable and unwilling to identify themselves with these sick and shoddy death cults,” he said.

Bayer said that the new US president would have a substantial role in establishing a new global order.

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Democrats Abroad say goodbye to Obama at US embassy in Budapest

Civil group Democrats Abroad Hungary organised a small demo in front of the US embassy in Budapest on Friday to say goodbye to outgoing US President Barack Obama.
Participants in the event lit candles and held up signs including “We are the people” or “Obama hope”, and also thanked outgoing US ambassador Colleen Bell for her efforts in Hungary.

Democrats Abroad has been active in 41 countries since its foundation in 1964, promoting causes which affect US citizens.

Photo: MTI

Photo: MTI

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