Budapest, March 19 (MTI) – It was 70 years ago that the Turkish Embassy in Budapest opened its gates to Miklos Kallay, Hungary’s then prime minister, who found refuge within its walls when the country was invaded by the forces of Nazi Germany, Turkish Ambassador Sakir Fakili told MTI in a statement.

The head of mission of the time, Sevket Fuet, refused to surrender those who sought shelter under the roof of the embassy, enabling Prime Minister Kallay and his family to remain in the embassy premises for eight months, he said.

“Thereby, after Ferenc Rakoczi II and Lajos Kossuth, Turkish soil has presented sanctuary to yet another esteemed Hungarian Statesman,” the ambassador said.

“This genuine act of solidarity will always remembered by both the Turkish and Hungarian people, who have a deep rooted friendship and who have helped each other in times of need in different periods in history,” he said.



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