Erdogan, PM Orbán, Hungary, Budapest
Photo: MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Benko Vivien Cher

The government of Budapest gave permission to an organisation, led by PM Erdogan, to establish a primary and grammar school in the Hungarian capital. reported that the Maarif Primary and Grammar School is located in District 9. Although education has not started yet in the institution, from this September on, the school is registered among the official educational institutions in Hungary. According to the school’s report this year, the institution would have started teaching with eighty students, but due to unknown reasons, this process did not start in September.

Next year, the school would like to welcome 240 new students: 160 in its primary section and 80 in its grammar school section.

According to other reports, this institution is a private Turkish establishment which did not open its gates because it is still being built. Furthermore, the school’s financial situation and support is also a matter of question, as well as the question of whether it is only for Turkish children or other nations as well. The company responsible for the institution is the Maarif Hungary Nonprofit Organisation. Before its bankruptcy, the organisation controlled the operation of 688 similar schools in 113 different countries. Currently, there are 315 institutions in 41 countries. In the European Union, Germany, Romania, and France have similar schools.

It also turned out that subjects related to the Quaran are mandatory in these institutions.

PM Erdogan visits Budapest on November 7 to discuss further details. Several protests have already been organised for this day. Erdogan visited Budapest last October as well when, in the company of PM Orbán, they observed the renovated Tomb of Gül Baba.


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