Every year, thousands and thousands of new TV serials see the daylight. While some focus on delivering an impactful storyline, some focus on creating strong characters that are remembered through time,  and some focus on creating aesthetically pleasing masterpieces that speak volumes of finesse and creativity.

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Strong visual storytelling plays a huge role in creating an everlasting impression on the audience. Whether it’s marketing or content creation, every element that displays on the screen has to have a connection with the space around it. That connection is known as cinematography. When we’re watching a show on the TV, we’re so soaked up in the story that we often don’t pay any heed to its cinematography.

Cinematography is an art that combines photography and filmmaking together. Any visual piece that lacks thoughtful cinematography is as insignificant as an ink pen without ink. Cinematography has a lot to do with the way audiences perceive what they see on the screen. In fact, if pulled off perfectly, it can even take a TV show to unprecedented heights of success.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the TV shows that have been labeled as an aesthetically pleasing visual treat for their audiences. But before we do that, make sure that you have access to Spectrum Channel Lineup, so you can begin watching these TV shows, right away:

Cloak and Dagger

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, may seem like a typical superhero story, but its cinematography is a visual treat.

With the right tones set for different moods and moments, along with camera shots that look no less than a work of a genius, Cloak and Dagger is the one you should definitely add to your watch-list.

The Expanse

Another one on our list is a fiction series that is based on the future where the human race has conquered the entire solar system. The shots in this one are such a treat to the eye that you will feel as though you really are living in a moment from the future.

Altered Carbon

Another one with a futuristic approach is Altered Carbon. The show is set on futuristic San Francisco. What makes its cinematography worth it, is the wonderful use of color tones, along with perfectly executed camera movements and angles that do an immense justice to the animated features that go on the screen.


Yes, it’s the same TV show that you haven’t watched, but have heard a lot of people rave about.

Lost is a story of people stranded on a mysterious island, where the camera work is done so brilliantly that just by looking at the screen you’ll feel the urgency in the mood of the characters and the withdrawal of being away from home.

American Gods

The story of American Gods isn’t the only thing well-structured, because the visuals that anoint this series are just as perfectly executed. The tones set on each scene fit perfectly and the shots are so well-taken that you wouldn’t hold yourself back from lauding this aesthetically compelling treat.


Hannibal’s story revolves around a cannibalistic sadist. It makes sure that you’re holding on to the edges of your couch as tightly as you can throughout the entire show. But what makes this show worth your time is how beautifully the shots helm around each scene that despite being gut-wrenching make you feel like you are strolling in a children’s park!

The Abridged Narrative

The art of cinematography is packed with complexities that revolve around accentuating the negative space and highlighting the main object that combines to create the perfect shot. Searching for perfect camera angles and making sure that every shot taken fits over the story is crucial for every cinematographer.

Back in the days, when movies didn’t focus on visual execution, camera operators had to serve as cinematographers. Maybe, this is the reason why some of the old movies fail to visually compel their audience. However, now thanks to the technology not only movies, but

even TV serials have realized the importance of strong cinematography and thus, what we see on our screens are masterpieces that we like to hold on to forever.  

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